Finding Drivers: The Art of the Ad

Drivers are hard to find sometimes, even more so now that there is a national shortage among drivers. The high demand for drivers across the country makes it even more crucial that your job advertisements are clear, persuasive, and well published to give you the best chance of finding a great driver! 

Drivers Are Sometimes Elusive

We live in the 21st century where consumer demand is high and while supply is there for all the needs of the people, logistical support is not always readily available. Currently, there is a shortage of commercial drivers and this is evident in our daily lives by delayed packages, product shortages, and plenty of stress for fleet managers and logistical operators. Some of this driver shortage can be combated by creating more educational information on the career of driving and the avenues of becoming a successful driver, but that takes time, what about in the present?

How To Find Them

The best way to find drivers is to have them come to you after seeing a job you’ve posted. Many companies, including Trucker Search, will help you to find drivers for your available jobs. You can also use these search databases to locate drivers who may be potential matches for your job and contact them directly. The most efficient way to market your jobs to the maximum number of people is by using these online search systems and creating a job ad to solidify these connections.

Making sure that your ads are clear, concise, and filled with the pertinent information is the most important thing. Avoid being overly descriptive and using confusing language or fonts that are hard to read. Another thing to note when you are posting ads is to make sure the information is correct and that there is enough content to pique a driver’s interest.

The Right Person for the Job

After you ensure your ad is clear and published to a search engine for drivers, you will likely find quite a few matches, but narrowing down the potential suitors for your job can be difficult. Usually you can narrow it down to a few top competitors based on resumes alone, but once you do this it may be difficult to choose. The best way to choose the right person for the job is to do a quick interview with them or look at their cover letter and experience to understand where they’re coming from.

It isn’t always a foolproof strategy to choose based on these things, but it is a good start. Be sure to remain courteous and kind to your other interviewees as well, as they may become employees in the future.. Keeping connections open is a great way to find employees.

The search for drivers can be tricky and stressful, but you can do it. Drivers are the force that makes the world go around. They can be a bit hard to find if you don’t know where to look or are entering unfamiliar territory. However, there are always drivers out there who need work, so let your ad stand out and show them that you are the one they should consider working with!